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Access Aviation provides specialist services to the legal community and their clients. It delivers claimant and defendant expert witness reports that focus on the employment prospects and loss of future careers of aviation personnel in the UK. In particular it has the capability of producing comprehensive, precise and coherent reports of individuals who, for whatever reason, can no longer follow their chosen career path in aviation.

Access Aviation is also capable of conducting through examinations of aviation employment reports that may or may not meet the criteria required for an accurate assessment of an individual’s career from the early stages through to retirement.

Captain John Griffiths is a well-qualified and highly experienced individual with many years of involvement in the aviation industry. His particular expertise is in the field of career paths for pilots.

Access Aviation prides itself on providing sound advice from the early stages of a case, right through mediation and arbitration, and finally at Court.


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Access Aviation is confident that its independent, objective, impartial reports, along with oral evidence and guidance are based on a sound knowledge of the industry and thorough research that will withstand the most detailed examination. Contact us by email of phone to see if we can be of assistance.


  • Registered Office in England and Wales

  • Phone: +44 (0) 7710 268702

  • Address: Access Aviation, 1/7 Station Road, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 1HT

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